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Vuch has achieved a lot in its existence, and this applies to both retail and wholesale. We started with wholesale in the second half of 2019 and it was a start we didn't quite expect. 


Within a month, we established partnerships with Globus, Factcool and Vivantis and we continue to build on our success. And as a proper young (yet established) fashion brand, we're not afraid to go abroad either! 

Currently we are cooperating with partners such as: 

If you would like to be the next partner working with a Czech company offering innovative product designs, please fill out the form below or contact our lovely sales representative Pepa!


You can register with our sales representative, who is a joy to work with, by email or by phone. A postal card would also be appreciated, but it might make the process a little bit longer. All you have to do is provide your billing information or fill out a simple contact form and we will be in touch to assist you. 

We will open a B2B trading account for you where you will be able to create wholesale orders. Everything is conducted online on our e-shop.

Josef Pelikán

Sales Representative

Tel. 00420 731 568 182


Thank you for the question.


We offer our partners a retail presentation of our products, the option to brand their store and plenty of promotional items to boost sales.

We are actively offering assistance to our partners in creating marketing events to promote sales. There are no limits here. Contests, giveaways with purchase or engaging our influencers. We can even help with creating graphics or banners.



We ship our items both within the EU and all over the world. We are happy to provide you with our original packaging material for gift-wrapping.

We will provide you with data for quick and easy listing of our products. We supply photos, description, stock availability and numerous parameters. Possibility of online connections via XML feed, API, XLS, and more.


Where can you find Vuch stores? 

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