Wholesale beginnings

Vuch has managed a lot since the brand appeared and therefore we've decided to accept another challenge and step into the world of a wholesale.  With a wholesale we started during second half of a year 2019 and no way we expected such a success.

We managed to get a strong partnership not only in on-line world but also with stores. The first partnership we made was with a net of Globus Czech Republic what meant Vuch products started to be available in all regions all around the Czech Republic. At the same time we joined with Factool.com that expand into 15 countries in Europe.


Then other Vivantis e-shops joined to previous two partnerships. All this happened during one month, that's cool, isn't it? We managed to make other partnerships till the end of the year and the current situation looks like this:


Contact our Sales Representative via phone or e-mail for the registration. All you need to know is the billing information. Otherwise you need a help, fill in the contact form and we'll call you back.

We'll set up a B2B account for you, where you can create wholesale orders in. Everything is online on our e-shop.

Josef Pelikán

Sales Representative

Tel. 00420 731 568 182

e-mail: pelikan@vuch.cz

Thank you for the question.


We offer Vuch products retail presentation to our partners and we also supply them with the promotional items to support the business..

We actively offer our partners an assistance in creating marketing events to support the sales. There are no limits in here. Contests, gifts to buy or involving of our influencers. We can also help in the creation of graphics or banners.




We'll send you the package all around the world, not only the EU. We will gladly provide you with our original packaging material for gift packaging.

We will provide you with the data for quick and easy browsing of our products. We also provide photos, description, stock availability and lots of parameters. Possibility of online connection via XML feed, API, XLS, and more.