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We try to be an example

When we founded our Czech brand VUCH, we already knew that we wanted to help those who were not so lucky or did not have equal opportunities in life. We still keep this promise today, 6 years since the brand was founded. We cooperate with a number of organizations led by Caritas Czech Republic or the organization Life to children as well as with schools through school balls, sports clubs, etc. We are honoured to be able to help and make people happy.

Caritas of the

Archdiocese of prague

Life to children

Jeden z našich úplně prvních charitativních projektů byla adopce dvou ugandských holčiček Anneny a Nabingi. Anenna má po letech již program ukončený a snad ji posloužil k lepšímu vzdělání, které ji pomůže do budoucna. Další ugandskou holčičkou, kterou máme stále v adopci je Nabingi. Nabingi vzdělávací program stále navštěvuje a jsme s ní v pravidelném kontaktu. Je skvělé vidět, že naše pomoc dává obrovský smysl. 


Christmas is a time of joy, and because we didn’t want only for our fashion accessories to make Christmas a joyous time, we decided to donate the amount of 50 CZK from each order made on 28.12.2018. On that day, we collected a beautiful amount of CZK 28,100, which was sent to the charity of Život dětem to bring joy and happiness. Thank you so much, we could not do it without you!


Hooray for the trip!

In 2019, we contributed with a financial amount to the non-profit organization Hurá na výlet, which organizes trips for seniors over 65 and people with disabilities. Unfortunately, due to the limited capacity of the bus, not all those interested could go on the trip. However, thanks to our financial contribution of CZK 20,000, more buses were able to go on a trip at once. Do you know that you can also make someone happy?



At Vuch, we are all huge animal lovers, so when we were deciding before Christmas 2019 who we would make happy this time, the choice was clear. We organized a VUCH charity day and collected a beautiful amount of CZK 21,250 to support the non-profit organization Helppes. The goal of Helppes is to help people with various types of disabilities to become independent and integrate into society through help of specially trained dogs.

Protective equipment for the hospital

When the first wave of the pandemic broke out in the spring of 2020, we were struck by how the Czech nation was able to come together and help each other. Many handy seamstresses started sewing face masks without asking for a reward, the neighbours started to help each other, people organized charity donations and we at the VUCH brand also decided not to be idle. We bought 4,500 face masks and 170 FFP2 respirators and handed them over to the hospital in Chrudim.

Gifts for all the heroic nurses

We admire the commitment of all doctors and nurses and we are grateful for the care we receive thanks to them. We decided to cheer Chrudim covid department with small presents and bring a smile to their faces for at least a moment.

VUCH Charity Calendar

Surely you still remember our first charity calendar, which we published at the end of last year in cooperation with the lovely and talented Marie Renčová Kružíková. The charity calendar from Vuch focused on the beauty of colours and details, and thus symbolized the beauty of small things and joys in life, which we often forget through no fault of our own. By purchasing our calendar, you contributed the full amount to the support of the Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and Motol University Hospital in Prague, which focuses on differential diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of children with cancer, malignant blood disease and children with blood disorders. So how did it turn out? Thanks to you, we collected an incredible amount of CZK 89,000. We printed a calendar at our own Vuch costs, and as we promised, we rounded up the amount to CZK 100,000, which we donated to support the Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University and Motol University Hospital in Prague.

Centrum Anabell

You probably already know our annual Vuchlady contest, where we choose the face of our brand. This year, however, for the first time, we've paired our contest with the nonprofit Anabell to appeal to women's natural beauty. Among others, Centrum Anabell helps young girls with mental health issues and eating disorders, which girls are often afraid or ashamed to talk about. During the Vuchlady event at our Prague branch, where all five finalists of the Vuchlady competition gathered, we presented the Centrum Anabell's director PhDr. Ing. Jana Sladká with a check for 13 600 CZK.  

Bobbies for nurseries

For every three Bobbies sold, we donate three bags to a specific kindergarten in our region. The children can create, relax, run wild or just sit on the colourful Bobbies and we can be sure that the Bobbies are in the right hands and are making the children happy. What's more, the Bobbies are entirely Czech-made, which is the last sliver of the Bobby story.

Hurá na výlet n. 2

„Hurá na výlet“ is a non-profit organization in Chrudim with which we have been cooperating for some time. It is a group of young enthusiasts that takes care of our seniors, makes various trips with them around the Czech Republic, arranges educational courses, cultural events, concerts and other interest group activities.

Our contribution to the organization came from a special event where one day we gave 50 CZK from each order just for the needs of the association. In the end, the amount of 34,750 CZK was raised, which will cover 2 trips for the organization, including refreshments for the seniors.

As a proud company from Chrudim, we are glad that similar initiatives work in our region and that we can participate in them to some extent and support such a beautiful idea.


Charity calendar 2022

We are glad that thanks to you we can continue to create charity calendars. This year we have decided to support the organization of The Order of Malta. This organization strives to help people with all kinds of disabilities. During the photo shoot, 12 unique paintings were created by the famous painter Andrei Ehret. She projected on the canvas the emotions of the personalities who chose the product from VUCH dearest to them. These paintings were auctioned off and together with the proceeds from the sale went to The Order of Malta for a beautiful 110,000 CZK. 

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine 

For 28 days in March, the event was held to financially support people in Ukraine. During this time, 50% of the sales from the selected products was set aside and these funds will be sent to Člověk v tísni (People in Need) for humanitarian relief efforts where the need is greatest.💛

Because of you, we were able to raise 5 160 €. No further comment is needed. Thank you for doing this with us

Do you know anyone who we could help next time?

We want to continue to help, so if you know someone who would deserve our help, write us an email to jankovsky@vuch.cz. We will be happy to get in touch and listen to exactly what we can help with.

16 890 €

The sum of what we've donated to charitable projects since since starting the business...

1300 +

We've given over one thousand Vuch products to charitable initiatives, school balls and to people who really need them....


We've changed at least two lives in the world for the better, through a long-term adoption programme of two Ugandan schoolgirls.