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Bobbies for kindergarten sitting

We at Vuch are happy when others are happy. And what's more, when you can make little children smile while saving the environment a little? That's why we came up with the idea of how to continue to make use of the unsuitable pieces of our products. Normally, defective products are thrown away. Where others end, we begin. We take the unsuitable products to a large shredder, where small pieces of 1-5 cm are formed. The grit is then mixed with polystyrene balls. This creates a comfortable filling for the Sitting Bags. We don't call them anything else but Bobbies.


How does it work? 

For every three Bobbies sold, we donate three bags to a specific kindergarten in our region. The children can create, relax, run wild or just sit on the colourful Bobbies and we can be sure that the Bobbies are in the right hands and are making the children happy. What's more, the Bobbies are entirely Czech-made, which is the last sliver of the Bobby story.

Vision for the future 

We also plan to create furniture pieces, sports equipment for children and many more products in the same fashion. We certainly don't want to give up on this path, because at Vuch we believe that even a little help makes a difference.


Check out where our Bobbies are already making people happy!

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