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Responsible approach is among the main values of our brand. It's a natural part of our corporate culture, and a topic we actively support and strive to fulfill to the best of our ability. We focus on ecological issues, a zero waste program, and the support of various charitable organizations. Our most renowned initiative is the Vuchlady project, which empowers women to build healthy self-esteem and maintain a positive outlook on life

Sustainability for Vuch is not just an empty phrase

At VUCH, we bring joy to hundreds of thousands of customers not only within the Czech territory. We employ more than 70 people in the region. All this sounds very nice, but with a certain size comes a great responsibility for every company in how sustainably and responsibly it can manage its business.

We at VUCH are well aware of this. It is in our DNA, especially since one of our founders is a trained ecologist. It is precisely ecology, responsible and sustainable approach that we have been trying to apply since the very inception of the brand.


Our zerowaste project: Bean bags

At Vuch, we are happy when others are happy. And what's more, when you can bring smiles to little children while also saving the environment? That's why we came up with the idea of reusing the unsuitable pieces of our products. Normally, defective products are thrown away. Where others end, we begin. We transport these unsuitable products to a large grinder, where they are turned into small pieces of 1-5 cm in size. This material is then mixed with polystyrene beads to create a comfortable filling for our Sitting Bags, which we affectionately call "Bobíci."

For every three Bobíci sold, we donate one bag to a specific kindergarten in our region. Children can then use these bags for creating, resting, playing, or just sitting on the colorful Bobíci, and we are assured that the Bobíci are in the right hands and bringing joy. Additionally, we manufacture them completely in Czech production, which is the last piece of the Bobík story.


Eco collections

Let's be frank about how we at Vuch lend a helping hand to nature. We know we owe a lot to it. So, we like to give back. That's why we continuously expand our eco collections and use sustainable materials.

Take a look where our Bean bags are spreading joy

Vuch and Charity

Our long-term goal is to help where it's needed and to spread goodness and joy with our cheerful fashion.

We collaborate with a range of charitable organizations and societies, providing them with the resources they most need.

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