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About us


Naše hlavní vize

Do you need a change? Life's a change! Vuch's going to help you to shine        everywhere you go withou losing your own style — a wallet you won't put         down of your hands. A handbag you'll have a good time with and a watch that  will fascinate people around you as our accessories are tuned to the last detail!

Brand profile 

Basic information about Vuch

Our story

Would you like to know our story from the beginning?

How we create

This is what we think about when create


Ondřej Hyrš

Co-founder, responsible for the strategy, coaching and finance  


Martin Kůs

Co-founder, responsible for the vision, new collections and goals if the firm

Josef Pelikán

Sales representative, responsible for the whole sales division and the relationships


Daniel Kučera

Operating manager, responsible for the expedition and customer service

Barbora Bejrová

Marketing specialist, responsible for influencer marketing and social media

Denisa Červová

Web administrator, reposinsible for e-shop


Prague's Vuch Store

Národní 37/38, 110 00 Prague 

Our lately opened store in Prague located in the heart of Prague. Honestly we have a courrage to say it's the biggest store of women's wallets in the Czech Republic. Anything you can see on our e-shop is also available in the store. 

Vuch Stores

 Chrudim's Vuch Store

Čáslavská 46, 537 01 Chrudim

Our store located in our hometown Chrudim. You can have a look at all the Vuch products you can find on our e-shop. In case something will catch your eye, you can take it with youself as all the goods we have in stock. 


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