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About Vuch

We're a popular fashionable brand and our team loves to create unordinary fashion for unordinary people from designing to packing. Because of that we're an inspiration for others not only in business but also in life attitude.


Our values

fairness on the first


Our favourite and the most important value. We want nobody to play for anything and everything was clear and honest.

honestly to each other.

Everyone with everybody. It doesn't matter what place or what time is. If something bothers you or on the other side if you're happy something about just come and say it loudly. Even to your boss straight into his eyes! :)

we've got balls.

This is not against the women. We have even more women than men in Vuch team. We're just not afraid! And when difficult situation comes up – we follow this value.

personal responsibility.

That's it. We create a team but if something went wrong, the person who is responsible for the mistake should stand out and head it.


Meal vouchers





Where do we work?

We were all born in Chrudim and that’s also the place where we started with the business. We really like this town and that’s why we wanted to do the business right here. The expedition and customer service is located in Chrudim.  The management of the company and offices moved to Lukavice which is a small village 10 kilometers far away from Chrudim. So the place of your job depends on the pozition you do – in Chrudim or in Lukavice.

We're not looking for your pozition right now. Do you think we might need you to have in our team?

Great! Contact us on mail and write down how important and indispensable you might be for us.  If that makes a sense to us we'll surely employ you!

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