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What's Vuch?


Vuch is a young fashion brand established by two friends and founders in 2015. Martin and Ondrej had been thinking a long time about starting a joint venture together. Ondrej had experience in

e-commerce and Martin was skilled in graphics and aesthetics. After extensive research, they decided to enter the women's wallet market. Together they worked hard to create their first models - using colours, spots and other non-traditional designs that would give life and identity to the whole Vuch project.

After the first collection sold out, they knew they had struck a gap in the market... 

What do we do?

WOur goal is to create unique fashion pieces full of colours and joy. Producing high quality product is of paramount importance to us and so we constantly strive to get better in all that we do.

Since our humble beginnings, we've extended our portfolio into many stabilized categories of women's accessories, including wallets, handbags, watches, jewellery and backpacks.

"We've never been afraid to take risks. If the path forward isn't clear, we'll make our own."


Who do we do it for?

We create original and non-traditional products. That's what our customers expect from us. We can say that Vuch is for those who believe in modernity​!

We try to make our whole buying process a pleasure for our customers. From the first sight of the Vuch banner on our e-shop, through to browsing and checkout, the experience is personalised and convenient.

Why do we do it?

To us, the fashion scene seemed a bit grey, a bit sad, a bit dull. In other words, it was expensive and not affordable for your everyday person. We connected the dots between all of these imperfections in the market and WENT FOR IT.

Vuch has now been in the market for 9 years and is continuing to grow. Our portfolio is expanding and we are permanently trying to bring new and exciting products to our amazing customers.


Vuch in numbers


Ověřeno zákazníky

The number of the states you can buy Vuch products in.

Bezproblémová reklamace


Turnover of the company in millions.

The number of products we currently offer.


20. nejrychleji rostoucí firma v CZ

The total number of wallets we've sold.

cesky goodwill.png

Ocenění od zaměstnanců

Czech Made

The number of fans on our  social networks.

Naše sedací vaky, plněné drtí z opotřebovaných kousků Vušek, získaly v roce 2024 ocenění značkou vysoké kvality CZECH MADE.

Toto ocenění už od roku 1993 podle přísných kritérií uděluje zkušená komise odborníků českým výrobkům a službám. 

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