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Marketing specialists

Vuch roste raketovou rychlostí, a tak je potřeba stále rozšiřovat tým. Tentokrát hledáme do týmu kolegu / kolegyni, který bude působit na naší nové pražské prodejně.  Jdeš do toho s námi? 

What would you do at Vuch?

- Taking a part in new campaigns and projects

- Keeping a track of all marketing channels

- Affiliate and involvement into the programme

- Mailling

- Coordination and controlling of the efficiency of each marketing channel

- Helping with the graphics

- Planning marketing actions and events

- Many other tasks – we are a young company and everything is growing up

What would be great? 

- The orientation in the world of on-line marketing

- To have a desire and want to learn new things

- The most important is the enthusiasm and natural intelligence 😊 All the other things you can learn quickly

- You should also be good at BBQ and making a fun :)

What can you expect? 

- Cooperation to all marketing events of the company

- You'll have a look into a young and expanding company

- Very nice office with the garden in a small village close to Chrudim

- Many benefits and events

- Possibility of flexible working time

- You'll get a part of a young team of extending fashion company

Máš chuť se k nám přidat? 

Tak nečekej a ozvi se nám na! Co nevidět tě budeme kontaktovat zpět. 

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